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Ilana is co-owner of AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers and mother to three girls - Azure, Phoenix and Ione. She's also the owner of A Jaded Mama, a blog about mothering, small business ownership and all things green. When she's not busy coming up with new product ideas, working on social media campaigns and co-managing the business, you'll find her babywearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, raising school-aged children and reading.

Amy is the other co-owner of AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers and mom to three boys - Bailey, Davray, Sacha, and to baby DAUGHTER, River. She's a dedicated and very attached parent and just adores the company of her enormous, gorgeous boys. When she's not busy juggling the company finances, talking on the phone with suppliers and trying to talk Ilana down off a cliff, you'll find her very involved in her community activities and enjoying the great outdoors.

Beth is the Social Media Coordinator for AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers. You can find her on @AppleCheeksDipe on Twitter or Instagram or the Facebook page! Beth has a little boy, Mason, who is 4, two girls, Audrey, who is 3 and Hayden who is closing in on 1! When Beth isn't busy figuring out fun for the AppleCheeks Fans or blogging on Me as a Mommy, she is avoiding housework, breastfeeding, trying to find some space on the couch or in her own bed, or chasing after her older kids with Hayden strapped to her back!

Katie is the Events Coordinator {aka Party Girl} for AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers. Katie has a little boy, Austin, who is 4. You may recognize her from Pickled Pink, the beautiful swim diaper named in her honor! When she isn't busy party planning or working, Katie is playing with Austin, hanging out with Beth, or glued to her iPhone texting Ilana & Amy from the shower.

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Delishmas: A Reveal and Incredible SuperFan Journey!

If you haven't seen it yet, climb out from under that Christmas tree and meet Delishmas!! Delishmas is the newest addition to the AppleCheeks team and was (not so lovingly) welcomed by it's holiday sisters Ha Bum Bug and Joy! in another pee-your-pants funny reveal video! (no seriously, be sure you've gone to the bathroom and that you aren't enjoying a beverage before you watch this one.)


As part of our SuperFan program, we sent a Delishmas to superfan Andrea to tempt her and the rest of our fans. Andrea's package stayed sealed up and went on a whirlwind tour of all the hotspots in Andrea's tourist-friendly hometown! Do you see any places you recognize??

 Andrea (and her SuperFan package) found not one, but 3 fantastic sweaters for our Holiday Sweater Party reveal theme!

"These Mounties were happy to pose with the 'tourist' on The Hill! Also known as the royal Canadian Mounted Police or R.C.M.P. they are widely recognised around the world as Canada's police force. It's fairly common to see them riding their horses around the city. They have a special stable grounds where you can visit the horses and stables, and watch the Musical Ride when they are in town."


"Here we are at the Rideau Canal. In the winter, this becomes the world's largest skating rink spanning 7.8km! You can also get Beavertails and hot chocolate at little huts along the way. Yum yum." 

"What better to do when in Ottawa, Canada, than to tour the city!"


"Here's the secret package in front of the National Gallery of Canada! It's a large building which houses art and treasures from around Canada and the world. You can view some works of art by famous Canadian artists like The Group of Seven and Emily Carr. Yes that is indeed a giant sculpture of a spider in the foreground. It's titled 'Maman' by Louise Bourgeois. I'm sure if spiders used cloth diapers, this Maman (French for Mother) would use AppleCheeks!"

"Here we are at the Chateau Laurier Hotel. This magnificent bulidng first opened its doors on June 12, 1912. It was designed and bulit by Charles Hays. Unfortunately, he wouldn't make it to the opening as he died on the unsinkable Titanic! This hotel is reputed to be haunted. People believe the suite named for Charles Hays may even be haunted by the man himself. Spoooooooky!"

"In honour of Rememberance Day, here we are at the National War Memoiral. Built in 1939, it was originally intended to commemorate the Canadians involved in WW1. Nowadays, it represents all Canadians who have served in times of war, so we may have peace and freedom. Recently, a tragedy befell one of the soldiers who guard this monument. Cpl Nathan Cirillo lost his life while on duty on Oct. 22nd. Please take a moment today to remember his sacrifice, as well as the sacrifice of many other men and women for our country. Lest We Forget."

Andrea's posts not only built excitement, they may have taught or fans something!! I know our American fans were really soaking up the lessons of Ottawa's landmarks and loved hearing a little about the culture!

Who will our next SuperFan be? Only time will tell! Keep on spreading the AppleCheeks love on your social media, and stay tuned in our official chat group, Peace. Love. AppleCheeks. for us to announce sign ups!


In Support of National Down Syndrome Awareness Week


Today launches National Down Syndrome Awareness week, an initiative by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, to celebrate the 45,000 people with Down syndrome across Canada. 

We’re so fortunate to count quite a few babies with Down syndrome, along with their parents, amongst our loyal clientele and to show our love and support for this amazing organization and all they do, AppleCheeks™ has pledged to match $1 for every share of this photo on Facebook up to $1000 between November 1 and 7. All funds raised will be donated directly to the CDSS.


As well, we’ve just launched our size 3 AppleCheeks™ envelope cover, with larger babies and children in mind. These covers fit from 30 - 65+lbs, and can be combined with our 2-ply and 3-ply inserts for maximum absorbency. For more detail, visit our page here. To purchase, ask your local AppleCheeks™ retailer or order at A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all size 3 envelope covers will be donated to the CDSS.

We’ve asked Alyson Kowalchyk, mother to two year old Max, to guest blog for us today!


While pregnant with my son, with a very early prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, the future scared me. Would my son be accepted, by my family and community, by ME?? It was my continued focus during my pregnancy. While pregnant I felt like I was going to miss out on so many things because of Down syndrome, silly things that meant so much; Making "mommy friends" through my son, being part of a due date club, being able to use the cloth diapers I had discovered with my older son. Two years after Max was born some of my closest friends are "mommy friends" whom I never would have met if Max didn't have Down syndrome. Others are from a due date club that embraced Max as any of the other toddlers in our group! And my chosen brand of diaper, AppleCheeks™? The company has just released a size 3 diaper, marketed with children with special needs in mind. I not only don't worry about Down syndrome, I embrace it and feel its acceptance in parts of my life that I never thought Down syndrome would intersect, leaving me feeling valued not only as a mom, but as an advocate and as a consumer. After Max was born we struggled medically, but Down syndrome never became the struggle I thought it would be. Max was just our baby who we loved, who amazed us every day with his strength and his determination.  Max is now two years old, healthy and thriving. We have become very active in our local community that supports both people with Down syndrome and the people who love them. National Down syndrome Awareness week to me means that Canada values my child and all that he is - a happy, funny, active toddler who adores his family, has the best giggle ever, and an infectious smile that lights up the room and happens to also have 47 chromosomes. 




Summer is over, but the reveals aren't!

The cooler weather is here, but we got so wrapped up in our Summer of Reveals we forgot to stop!!

We partied AppleCheeks style - TO THE MAX! with all of our fans to reveal Jem, our newest edition to the regular line up to replace Raspberry Sorbet. If you haven't seen our fantastic 80s inspired workout moves, it's about time you checked out this fantastic reveal video:


Then last night we surprised everyone in our Masked Ball Masqurade when we revealed not one, but TWO Halloween Themed Diapers. The team came together in this hilariously spooky (bet you didn't know those two words could be used together!) reveal video of Trick or Cheeks and Boo!

We had lots of fun contests during the event, but wanted to give all of you a chance to show off your creative uses of these festive diapers! We want to see your cutest pumpkins and bats, ghosts and cats! This contest will go through until the weekend after Halloween. The winner will be chosen the first week of November! The winner will receive a Microterry Little Bundle, a size 1 storage sac, & a mini zip with wipes! Start thinking and warm up those cameras! As always, we ask that you show no other diaper brands in your picture and that you are sure to keep things family friendly. Post your picture on our facebook page, instagram it with the hashtag #ACHalloween, or email it in to for your chance to win. We can't wait to see how you creatively make an AppleCheeks part of your child's (or your own???) costume! Don't feel limited - we know Trick or Cheeks and Boo! are festive, but if you have a creative idea involving one of our other colors, we'd love to see that as well!! Enter as many times as you please as long as the costume is different each time!! Happy Halloween everyone!

Nature's Baby Basket presents CHD Lovebirds!

If you haven't already noticed, we have a wonderul group of retailers. Often, these retailers come to us with ideas and we fall in love. One such idea recently came from Sonja of Nature's Baby Basket. Sonja took this idea and made treasures from "trash" and not only has she poured a lot of love and hard work into these, the end result is pretty stinkin' cool!! Each of these lovebird shirts are made from scaps of fabric from us. How exciting for us to be able to see our leftovers turned into something so fantastic and meaningful!! Without further ado, we'll let Sonja tell you in her own words about these new CHD awareness Lovebirds!

In recognition, awareness and support of CHD (congenital heart defects) Nature's Baby Basket created Lovebirds with AppleCheeks Diapers.  The donation from Lovebirds Shirt Sales and any coordinating customized covers will be made to Cardiac Kids (supporting the Sick Kids Foundation in Toronto).

A LOVEBIRD is one of nine species of the genus Agapornis. They are a social and affectionate small bird. Peace.Love.Applecheeks embodies the Lovebird and Nature's Baby Basket wants to honor this social and affectionate small bird and its nature with an exclusive, limited quantity shirt.

So many families in our community have beautiful babes that struggle as heart warriors and we wish to honor these babes!

American Apparel shirts were selected as they are MADE IN THE USA (and no sweatshops)! All fabrics used for the lovebird appliques are the extra pieces from the manufacturing of the AppleCheeks products that we all LOVE!

As they are made with love by hand, the location, pattern, direction the lovebird faces, etc will vary.

Sizes Available (American Apparel T-Shirts have generous sizing):
6-12 months
12-18 Months

Lovebird shirts are $22.99 unless of course you use the code (NBBLOVEAC) Sonja has provided all of you for 10% off!!


The Summer of Reveals

It's been a very busy summer at AppleCheeks, or maybe you already noticed. The summer isn't over yet, as we have another reveal coming August 13th. We are going to Party to the Max as we reveal the newest addition to the Permanent line up. This color will be replacing Raspberry Sorbet which we lovingly said goodbye to in July. Anyway... let's back up some shall we??


In May, we revealed the current Limited Edition, RipTide!! Amy and Ilana had a splashingly good time making this fun reveal video for you:


Right after revealing RipTide, we announced that the next Retailer Exclusive would be revealed soon! We planned an Ice Cream social to reveal Figgylicious, available exclusively at FiggyFuzz Baby Boutique!

At the Ice Cream Social, we announced a contest asking our fans to create an original song for FiggyLicious. As always, you guys did not disappoint! Here's just a couple of our favorites:

A rap by Candice

Another rap by Melissa

A poem by Becca

An extra sweet song by Michelle

High on the creativity of our fans, Amy packed her bags for Mommy Con in Denver as we revealed Bee Happy!! Bee Happy is a swim diaper color exclusive to the Mommy Con events. If you want to get your hands on one, there's still time! Beth is headed to Mommy Con in Memphis with retailer Lil' Tulip's, and then to Philly with retailer FiggyFuzz Baby Boutique!

Once we slowed down just a bit from that, we revealed Get Real, our World Cup diaper and tribute to Brazil! This was a very limited release and was quite the event for our faithful Peace. Love. AppleCheeks. members!


As you can see, it's been a busy summer at AppleCheeks, and it's not quite over yet!! We can't wait to show you the newest member of the AppleCheeks Family on August 13th! Be sure to join the facebook event and all the fun next week! Want a little hint?? Well, we can't tell you anything - but just know these ladies, and all their hair, know how to create a kickin' reveal.