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Ilana is co-owner of AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers and mother to three girls - Azure, Phoenix and Ione. She's also the owner of A Jaded Mama, a blog about mothering, small business ownership and all things green. When she's not busy coming up with new product ideas, working on social media campaigns and co-managing the business, you'll find her doing handstands, doing pull-ups, co-sleeping, raising school-aged children and reading.

Amy is the other co-owner of AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers and mom to three boys - Bailey, Davray, Sacha, and to beautiful DAUGHTER, River. She's a dedicated and very attached parent and just adores the company of her enormous, gorgeous boys. When she's not busy juggling the company finances, talking on the phone with suppliers and trying to talk Ilana down off a cliff, you'll find her very involved in her community activities and enjoying the great outdoors.

Natalie is the Social Media Coordinator for AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers. You can find her on @AppleCheeksDipe on Twitter or Instagram or the Facebook page! Natalie is the mother of three children - Elinor (6), Grant (3) and Roslyn, who will celebrate her first year of life - fully diapered in AppleCheeks - in December! If you follow her personal account on Instagram @justgnatty, you'll know that she's just a little obsessed with taking fun photos of these diapers and has an outright addiction to MiniZips. Got a blog topic, giveaway wish or product feature idea? Send a note to!


The Year of the Prints - Looking Back

It took an entire year - February 6, 2017 to February 5, 2018 - but we brought you NINE brand new prints, plus a few solids along the way. Whether you joined us for every reveal or are brand new to AppleCheeks, we hope you enjoy this look back with some facts about our YOTP!

1: You Rock! (February 6, 2017)

Oh, those dinos. This print was an immediate hit with its vibrant colours, playful characters and delightful details. You Rock! stomped right into your hearts and your stashes, with availability in Envelope Covers in Sizes 1-3 and OS, plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips, Size 1 and Size 2, and Learning Pants. (The first round of Learning Pants in You Rock! were the older style Microfiber/pocket, but we did a second round of them in the new updated built-in bamboo absorbency.)

2 & 3: The Shark Side/Flamingle (April 6, 2017)

If it's tough for you to pick a fave between these prints...join the club! Fans were pretty evenly split on sea vs. land creatures. Our new style of Learning Pants debuted with these prints. We also released printed swim diapers with this reveal! (We had previously tested a very small run of pineapple swim diapers in the Lola colourway.) Marking off your list? These prints were available in Envelope Covers in Sizes 1-3 and OS, plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips, Size 1 and Size 2, and of course, Learning Pants.

4 & 5: Iguana Dance/150 (June 21, 2017)

Production delays led to the pairing of these two prints, but it didn't slow down the terrific response! 150 came out just before Canada's 150th birthday and we had so much fun picking SuperFans from different provinces and territories (they each received a MiniZip in the print.) Iguana Dance joined in on the fun with sleek cacti. Speaking of MiniZips, those hot little numbers flew off the shelves in both prints, so if you find one, BUY IT. These prints were available in Envelope Covers in Sizes 1-3 and OS, plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips, Size 1 and Size 2, Learning Pants and printed Swim Diapers.

6: So Fetch plus Billie Jean (August 17, 2017)

We couldn't resist giving a shout-out to the Mean Girls-inspired weekly hashtags popular in PLAC with the name of this print. Oh yes. We made So Fetch happen. Big and small, this print has it all. Billie Jean, a perfect neutral blue jean shade, paired up with those playful pups for a fabulous joint release! So Fetch came in Envelope Covers in Sizes 1-3 and OS, plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips, Size 1 and Size 2, Learning Pants and printed Swim Diapers. Billie Jean was released in  Envelope Covers in Sizes 1-3 and OS, plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips, Size 1 and Size 2, Learning Pants. (Here's a fun factoid for you - we originally planned to release Billie Jean with Iguana Dance, but the timing didn't quite work out. If you look at the blue in Iguana Dance, it's a very close match to Billie Jean!)

7: Whirl'd Peace plus Mint To Be (October 12, 2017)

Whirl'd Peace is downright delicious with its ice cream and treat motifs! Look closely for references to our beloved fan community with Peace Love AppleCheeks words and symbols. Fans scooped this sweet print up, along with the accompanying solid, Mint To Be. You may note that Mint To Be looks identical to Enchantmint, which was exclusive to Itsy Bitsy Bums. After IBB closed following a fire, we had permission to use the remaining PUL up for more fluff, and it became Mint To Be. Whirl'd Peace was served up in Envelope Covers in Sizes 1-4 and OS, plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips, Size 1 and Size 2, Learning Pants and printed Swim Diapers. Mint To Be was released in Envelope Covers in Sizes 1-4 and OS, plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips, Size 1 and Size 2. If you're keeping track, this was the first release of our Size 4 Envelope Covers as part of our AppleCheeks Universal lineup!

8: Like A Fox plus Capsized (December 4, 2017)

This delightful wintery and woodland print wrapped up our 2017 releases along with Capsized, the same PUL as MommyCon MiniZip and previous Easter holiday release Crazy Love. It was an often-requested hue, so we delivered! Like A Fox is a delight to behold, with adorable creatures and details everywhere you look. Like A Fox was released in Envelope Covers in Sizes 1-4 and OS, plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips, Size 1 and Size 2, Learning Pants and printed Swim Diapers. Capsized was released in OS Envelope Covers plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips and Size 1. We couldn't resist adding yellow zippers to coordinate with LAF and make that blue shade even more beautiful. Once again, Capsized MiniZips didn't last long, so catch one if you can!

9: Winter Games (February 5, 2018)

Just in time for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, our sporty winter print landed at retailers! The gorgeous bright blue background accentuates all of the fun characters participating in various snowy activities. Don't miss the adorable bunnies ready for a snowball fight! This final print in our YOTP comes in Envelope Covers in Sizes 1-4 and OS, plus Storage Sacs in MiniZips, Size 1 and Size 2 and Learning Pants. 

What's next? We've finally got our newest product in our hands and are shipping soon to retailers. Follow our Page on Facebook and join our fan chat group to be the first to know! We're freshening up the lineup this year so be on the lookout for what's coming in...and what's going away. 


Retailer Spotlight: Tiny TreeHugger!

Pamala, owner of Tiny TreeHugger, sat down to answer a few questions for us. Tiny TreeHugger is home to the BEAUTIFUL Prairie Sky exclusive AppleCheeks line - that gorgeous rich shade pairs perfectly with all of your warm fall fashions! Find yours here: Prairie Sky Exclusive

Prairie Sky is second from the top - by Megan D. 

1. When did your store open?

June of 2007 we launched our website! We had been building and working on it since Jan of that year [I had my 3rd child that March!].



2. Where are you located?


Winnipeg, MB.

TTH was home based for 4+ years before moving to a shared space for 2 years and now our very own brick & mortar for almost two years!


3. Do you have a brick & mortar (or local pickup available)?


You bet! In St Vital area in Winnipeg.

 Prairie Sky is on top - by Chelsea D.

4. What makes your store unique in your area?


We specialize in cloth diapers, baby carriers & natural options. The cloth diapers we carry are made in North America. It is VERY important to me to support our local economy. #shopsmall & #shopTTH are my favourite hashtags of late! 


5. What’s your favourite thing about being an AppleCheeks retailer?


Creating our very own Prairie Sky! Blue has ALWAYS been a favourite colour & so choosing a shade that means so much to me has been a favourite! Finally meeting Amy & Ilana in person almost three years ago was a great highlight as well. It felt as though we've been connected for a long time [thank you internets!] and meeting them was so lovely! 


6. Did you use cloth diapers on your children?


You bet! With my oldest [born in 2002] I knew nothing of cloth. By the time I was expecting my 2nd in 2007, I had researched my options, noticed very little local options, ordered a sampler kit of various types from a west coast Canadian online shop & the rest, they say, is HISTORY. I've cloth diapered my three youngest children and truthfully, have been diapering that whole time.

 With a collection of prints - by Stephanie M.

7. What is your favourite AppleCheeks colour other than your store’s exclusive?


I am in LOVE with Kiss n Teal. Before that Limited Edition came along it my next fave was Lake Echo and SL2. Sensing a theme here? 


8.  Is there anything else you’d like fans to know?


After 10 years strong I'd love to hang up my cloth diapering hat but alas we are using cloth at night for a bed wetter. We know it won't last forever and my dream [always a dreamer!] is to cloth diaper a future foster child. So many unloved children need good homes...

I think this just adds to the cloth experience as a store owner and offering support to those who continue with needing cloth past the potty learning stage! 

Be sure to visit Pamala's store in person or online at for beautiful Prairie Sky Exclusive items, fun AppleCheeks swag and carefully selected items that allow you to reduce waste of single-use household items! Get social with TTH: Facebook, FB Chat Group and Instagram!


Gentle Cleansing Solution Refills Have Arrived!

Now available: Refills for Gentle Cleansing Spray!

You asked - we listened! This 750 mL pouch can refill one of your existing Gentle Cleansing Spray bottles 6 times! The pouch uses significantly less material and allows for more cost-effective shipping to our retailers, and therefore to you.

One question we have received is: Is the pouch accepted by recycling programs like the bottles are? It is true that the programs currently accepting such pouches are far more limited than those accepting many bottles in number 1 and number 2 plastic types. However, although we'd like to live in a perfect world where everyone recycled every time without fail, we know that a good number of the bottles do end up in the trash and landfills. The pouches use up much less material so should they be thrown away vs recycled, there is a much lower impact on the garbage generated by the use of this product (not to mention it's only one pouch for every 6 bottles of Gentle Cleansing Spray!)  The great news is that you have options! You can reduce your footprint by reusing a vessel that can be recycled - reduce, reuse and recycle!

Our Gentle Cleansing Spray pairs perfectly with our reusable cloth wipes! Use them for diaper changes or messy faces and hands anytime, anywhere! Super soft and grippy - and can be used as a booster in a pinch!

Oh! We can't leave out another great feature - the savings! The cost of the pouch is about 3 times the cost of one bottle, for 6 times the volume! What would you buy with the savings - covers, inserts or MiniZips?

Pro tip: 6 wipes plus a bottle of Gentle Cleansing Spray fit perfectly in a MiniZip - perfect to stash in the diaper bag or in your car's glove box for on-the-go freshening.

What's your favourite way to use these products?


Product Line Updates!

The Year of the Prints is moving right along, but we wanted to take a moment to update you on our product line offerings.

First up: Size 4 plus larger 3 pli inserts!

We've had a wonderful response to our Size 3 covers but there was still a demand for an even larger size of reusable diaper. Finally, a larger sized cover geared to older children, teens, and small adults! These covers fit individuals weighing between 60 - 100+lbs, but as with our two other sizes, that sizing is approximate. With waist extenders the system will fit up to about 145lbs, depending on the build of the individual and the combo of inserts. We recommend using this cover with our Extra Large 3-pli bamboo insert, folded in half the long way, depending on absorbency needs. Combine with our regular 3-pli inserts, or double up for maximum absorbency! The larger inserts are approximately 17.5"x19.5". 

And next: Updated Learning Pants!

Customer feedback (yes, we listen!) led us to update our Learning Pants. The new style features absorbency from the same material as our bamboo/cotton inserts, instead of the microfiber. Also, there's no more pocket for stuffing the included insert for extra absorbency - all of the accident-catching power is built right in! The new style is available in the following prints: Flamingle, The Shark Side, Iguana Dance, 150 and an extra round of You Rock! (keep in mind that You Rock! was also produced in the original style.)

Be sure to let us know how you like these additions to our lineup, and what else you'd love to see from AppleCheeks!


The Prints Keep Coming!

We're almost halfway through the year, and we've had so much fun revealing our new prints!

In April, we released The Shark Side and Flamingle into the wild (and your stashes). These prints were produced in Size 1, 2 and 3 covers, OS covers, MiniZips, Size 1 Sacs and Size 2 Sacs (with the exception of no Flamingle Size 2 Sacs) and PRINTED SWIM DIAPERS! Did we mention these prints are also available in our new style of Learning Pants? (Stay tuned for a post about those soon!)

Last week we were delighted to bring you our first Canada-themed print: 150! Iguana Dance joined 150 in a dual June reveal, and we are loving the fantastic response to both of these gorgeous prints. These prints are available in Size 1, 2 and 3 Covers, OS Covers, MiniZips, Size 1 Sacs and Size 2 Sacs, as well as Swim Diapers and Learning Pants!

We've got another print in the works for late summer...what do you think it could be?