Gentle Cleansing Solution Refills Have Arrived!
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 12:25PM
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Now available: Refills for Gentle Cleansing Spray!

You asked - we listened! This 750 mL pouch can refill one of your existing Gentle Cleansing Spray bottles 6 times! The pouch uses significantly less material and allows for more cost-effective shipping to our retailers, and therefore to you.

One question we have received is: Is the pouch accepted by recycling programs like the bottles are? It is true that the programs currently accepting such pouches are far more limited than those accepting many bottles in number 1 and number 2 plastic types. However, although we'd like to live in a perfect world where everyone recycled every time without fail, we know that a good number of the bottles do end up in the trash and landfills. The pouches use up much less material so should they be thrown away vs recycled, there is a much lower impact on the garbage generated by the use of this product (not to mention it's only one pouch for every 6 bottles of Gentle Cleansing Spray!)  The great news is that you have options! You can reduce your footprint by reusing a vessel that can be recycled - reduce, reuse and recycle!

Our Gentle Cleansing Spray pairs perfectly with our reusable cloth wipes! Use them for diaper changes or messy faces and hands anytime, anywhere! Super soft and grippy - and can be used as a booster in a pinch!

Oh! We can't leave out another great feature - the savings! The cost of the pouch is about 3 times the cost of one bottle, for 6 times the volume! What would you buy with the savings - covers, inserts or MiniZips?

Pro tip: 6 wipes plus a bottle of Gentle Cleansing Spray fit perfectly in a MiniZip - perfect to stash in the diaper bag or in your car's glove box for on-the-go freshening.

What's your favourite way to use these products?

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