Sparkles & Rainbows
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 8:00PM
AppleCheeks in community

A huge part of AppleCheeks is our online community. Sometimes it seems like the group as a whole develops its own personality, and even moods. There are days that leave us brimming with joy and wonder at beautiful events, and there are days that leave us sapped of all positive energy. It is not an uncommon occurrence in online groups, though - but how do we get our sparkle back?

It starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with every single individual deciding to be a positive part of someone's day. It doesn't require PIFs or fluff mail - although aren't those fun? It doesn't require having the biggest, fanciest stash shot - although aren't those fun? It can be as simple as deciding to "smile" at everyone you come across in the crazy world of virtual connections. You never know who might be having a rough day, and your uplifting statement or compliment might be the best thing that happened to them in a long time. Hint: EVERYONE loves to hear how beautiful/cute/adorable/sweet their baby or child is. The members of our online community are there because they love the friendship and interaction with fellow devoted AppleCheeks fans. There's a place for everyone, and no one is alone. You CAN find someone who is like you and form a wonderful relationship - even though you may never meet in person. Take the time to welcome a new member. Take the time to get to know a longer-term member. Is everyone picturing sparkly rainbows now?

Be the light. Be kind. Show love. You may find that when you do those things, they will be reflected back to you, multiplied. Are you ready to shine?

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