Using AppleCheeks From Birth!
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 3:22PM
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In our wonderful online community on Facebook - Peace. Love. AppleCheeks. - we see lots of questions on using AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers on babies directly from birth. Guess what? It's a thing, and it's fabulous. Let's discuss some of the frequently asked topics!

1. How Many Diapers/Changes Do I Need?

You'll want to have about 7-10 changes per 24 hours for those first few days. Brand new squishes don't put out a lot of urine, but they do start to produce solid waste! Speaking of...

2. What About Meconium? Does it stain?

Meconium is the EASIEST poop you will ever wash. Promise! It looks scary but comes right out and your fluff will still have sparkling white fleece. Some people like to use the disposable liners, but really, it's not necessary. You can take those soiled diapers and toss them right into the pail or storage sac, and right into the wash!

3. What Kind of Inserts?

A baby who is one or two days old will not have a lot of moisture output, so some people use a couple of boosters as a very trim insert that adequately soaks it all up. Our super soft 2 pli bamboo is a wonderfully versatile insert, and you can fold to meet your baby's size, shape and absorbency needs. The quarter fold is especially popular with newbies! Check out popular folds here!

4. Stuff or AI2?

Some people like the ease of a pre-stuffed diaper - it's simple for anyone to handle diaper changes - and others like the slightly different fit of all in 2, where the insert is laid on top of the fleece. The other benefit to all in 2 is that if the cover is not wet, soiled or smelly, you can reuse it for another change or two! This can be especially helpful in those early days of very frequent changes. For guidance, our website details each method here.

5. What Size Stash?

We recommend a minimum of 24 changes between laundry sessions. Building up to 30-36 will give you more breathing room between wash days and help prolong the life of your stash. You can do this with 24-36 covers plus inserts, or 8-12 covers plus 24-36 inserts. You need an insert for every change, but if you use as AI2, you can have fewer covers and reuse them. Other things to simplify your fluff-lovin' life are fleece liners, cloth wipes and all the storage sacs for organization (helloooo, MiniZips!) and easy outings! Peruse or your favourite retailer for all of your cloth diapering supplies!

We'd love to hear your best tips for using those beautiful ruffles on baby from birth - leave a comment or send an email to! Have questions? We love to hear those, too!

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