Ilana is co-owner of AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers and mother to three girls - Azure, Phoenix and Ione. She's also the owner of A Jaded Mama, a blog about mothering, small business ownership and all things green. When she's not busy coming up with new product ideas, working on social media campaigns and co-managing the business, you'll find her doing handstands, doing pull-ups, co-sleeping, raising school-aged children and reading.

Amy is the other co-owner of AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers and mom to three boys - Bailey, Davray, Sacha, and to beautiful DAUGHTER, River. She's a dedicated and very attached parent and just adores the company of her enormous, gorgeous boys. When she's not busy juggling the company finances, talking on the phone with suppliers and trying to talk Ilana down off a cliff, you'll find her very involved in her community activities and enjoying the great outdoors.

Natalie is the Social Media Coordinator for AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers. You can find her on @AppleCheeksDipe on Twitter or Instagram or the Facebook page! Natalie is the mother of three children - Elinor (6), Grant (3) and Roslyn, who will celebrate her first year of life - fully diapered in AppleCheeks - in December! If you follow her personal account on Instagram @justgnatty, you'll know that she's just a little obsessed with taking fun photos of these diapers and has an outright addiction to MiniZips. Got a blog topic, giveaway wish or product feature idea? Send a note to!

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Fresh Prints for the Bum!

We finally revealed our long-awaited NEW PRINTS yesterday! Meet Irrelephant and Parade!


These beautiful prints feature graceful mommy and baby elephants in shades both familiar and brand new to your AppleCheeks stash! They are available NOW at your favorite retailer! If you don't have a bum in diapers, or you just can't get enough of this gorgeous artwork, there are also size 1 storage sacs and MiniZips available!


 As with all of our custom designed prints, there are apples and apple logo motifs sprinkled throughout. Can you find them all? Do you have a favorite character on these prints?

Speaking of character, if you missed the reveal video, be sure to check out some hidden talents of the staff at HQ! Here's a chance to put manes with faces! As always, you'll be the first to know about tour dates for these singing sensations.


June is just around the corner and of course we have some fun things in store for you. Stay tuned!



Meet Andrea - New to Cloth, New to AppleCheeks, New to Motherhood!

Everyone's cloth diapering journey begins somewhere. It just so happens that sometimes we're lucky enough to see the start, know the story, and partner up with someone so we can follow the journey. This summer, we will be following Andrea and her husband's journey as they become new parents... and use AppleCheeks. Andrea made the decision to use cloth early in her pregnancy, and decided right from the start to go with AppleCheeks (because duh.), and we are so excited to have her doing some guest blogging for us! We thought a series of posts from a person that really truly is brand new to cloth diapering would be extra special for some of you that are on the fence; and will likely bring back some memories for those of you that already use AppleCheeks. Before Andrea's little princess arrives, we thought it would be nice to spend some time getting to know her, so we had a quick chat with her about all things diapers, baby, and new mom-ing.
Can you tell us a little about you and your partner? 
My husband, Colin, and I met when we were attending Queens University. My parents met there, as did Colin’s, and I believe we were both looking for the love and partnership that they found. We have been together for eight years, married for two, and live with our two adopted kitties, Duke and Duchess, in Toronto. I am the free-spirited hippy and he is the career driven business man, total opposites that balance each other out. 

What made you decide cloth diapering was the right choice for your family?
I care greatly for nature and am very sensitive to how human beings have impacted this planet's environment. I try to live a life that respects the Earth. Cloth diapering is far more environmentally friendly than disposables, and that was the number one reason why I chose to use cloth diapers for our child. The major bonus is that it is much more cost affective and healthier for my precious baby’s bum. 

What are you most nervous about?
I am not nervous about cloth diapering but I am nervous to be a mother, which I think is the norm. I have a lot of experience with newborns, but nothing can truly prepare me for what is to come. I am nervous about the lack of control that comes with parenting and just hope that I can raise a happy and healthy individual, who makes this world a better place in some way

How did you first hear about AppleCheeks?
I have a friend who has used AppleCheeks with her children. When she had her twins, I was at the beginning of my pregnancy, I would go help her with the girls and couldn’t believe the stark difference between AppleCheeks and all the disposables I had used in the past, with my nieces and nephews. No leakage, no irritated bums, and the cutest little fluff bums I have ever seen! I knew instantly that I was going to be an AppleCheeks Mom.

What's got you most excited about starting your cloth diapering journey?
I am so excited to see my little girl in cloth diapers. There is nothing cuter than a baby bum in colourful fluff! I honestly experience a rush/high every time I purchase a new colour…I am fully addicted! 

What does Colin think of all of this? 
Initially my husband was not supportive of cloth diapering. He just didn’t get it. It took some serious convincing to get him to “see the light” but now he is fully on board. I explained the cost benefits and that is what did it. So while the environmental aspect did it for me, he was more enticed by the cost benefits. I don’t know if he will be much help when it comes to the laundry, but as the sole provider for our household I think that is acceptable. 

Can we oooh and ahhh over your bump for a minute?? When's your due date, and how hows pregnancy been treating you??
I am due July 18th and SO excited to get there! I have found pregnancy to be quite an adjustment. In the first trimester I was exhausted and constantly nauseas, and that was tough. In the second trimester I felt great, and there was 10 weeks in there that I was doing very well! Then came the third trimester, and with that came discomfort and more fatigue. I try to stay active, walking or swimming everyday, but it is a struggle to not feel like my normal athletic self. However, when I feel my baby girl move (and she moves a lot) I am reminded of how this process is leading to the miracle of life, and that makes it all worth it! I am so excited to be a Mom.


And that's all we have for you today! Be sure to follow Andrea on instagram @a_vegan_frenke so you can wait (not so) patiently for her little girl to make a debut with us! We can't wait to follow Andrea's journey, see some cute newborn squish pictures and hear about how she and Colin handle the introduction to Parenthood, AppleCheeks, and Cloth Diapering all at once!


It's Open Season for a New Release!



Ah, there’s nothing like an AppleCheeks reveal party on the horizon! Behind the scenes, we’re already getting ready to make it a FUN and wild ride! If you haven’t joined the event yet, be sure to do so on Facebook! (AppleCheeks on Safari!)

You may spot some fun, goofy and creative photos filtering through your Instagram and Facebook feeds of mysteriously and/or brightly wrapped packages with dire threats to not open until a certain date. What are those? Those are the packages from HQ sent to AppleCheeks Ambassadors and maybe even a Super Fan! The Ambassadors are hand-selected by Amy & Ilana for their hardcore love and devotion to the brand, exclusive AppleCheeks use, and having fun with the fans and products on social media outlets. Most reveals feature a Super Fan or two, also! A Super Fan is a specially selected fan who receives the new release just like the Ambassadors for one reveal. If you hang out in the Peace. Love. AppleCheeks group or hunt down various tags on Instagram (#AppleCheeks, #peaceloveapplecheeks, #applecheeks365, #AppleCheeksAmbassador, #AppleCheeksSuperFan), or climb aboard the reveal event (#ACSafari), you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse the teaser shots leading up to the party!


The Passing of the Torch

Howdy! Natalie here, your (new) friendly neighborhood AppleCheeks Social Media Coordinator! I’ll be here writing blogs, posting fluff on Instagram and coordinating your FAVORITE part of AppleCheeks fandom - GIVEAWAYS!! While I’ve been introduced here before as a featured fan, I know that there may be just a handful of you who haven’t read every single post on this blog (but there’s no time like the present! Stick around a while and browse some older entries!) Beth handed off the Social Media torch but isn’t gone for real - she will still be around for those super fun Facebook reveal parties and customer care. While her shoe size is dainty compared to my size 9.5 flippers, I know that I have large shoes to fill! If you missed the event where Beth passed me the torch, you can see the video here:



That's right, I LOVE Instagram! I didn’t get on the IG train for a while, but I’ll bet you can guess what drew me in - AppleCheeks! I just had to play along with the ACPhotoADay challenge in the summer of 2013, and that’s when my love of fluffy photos took over. I wasn’t quite an exclusive AppleCheeks user yet - we had only been cloth diapering my second child for about 6 months by then - but I have to admit that wanting to post daily AppleCheeks photos made me want to have more in the stash so I never wondered if I had the “right” diaper on the bum! It didn’t take long to destash and make the complete change to this brand. We loved them for more than just photos, obviously, but their visual appeal didn’t hurt! I’ll be posting to the @applecheeksdipe account, but if you just really love to be spammed with my photos (including food, running, my kids and a cat), you can follow my personal account @justgnatty!

 When I’m not posing diapers and posting photos - and let’s face it, I often attempt to multitask - I’m doing fluff laundry (2 bums in diapers!), regular laundry (5 people in this house!), making strong coffee, homeschooling my kindergartner, going to the library and cooking up something tasty for my family to eat. My kids love to dance, read, play outside and SOMETIMES I can even convince them to take a little afternoon nap.

 But enough about me. I want to hear from YOU! I would be happy to write about lots of topics relating to fluff and families in general, so please let me know your suggestions! You can comment here, tell me in Peace. Love. AppleCheeks. on Facebook, comment on Instagram or send me an email ( - should be functional soon, but give it a week or so). I look forward to your replies!


A Tribute, and a Texting Disaster

The past couple months were filled with 3 more reveals!!! Time to catch up and have all the fun info here so you can access it easily and laugh at our reveal videos ;)

First, we revealed that Swim Diaper color Mojito has been retired. That's the bad news. The good news is that it was replaced by not one, but TWO new colors! Beth and Katie got to be together for the reveal for the first time in a long time. And though there wasn't any reveal video planned.... or even recorded in advance... those two posted a series of videos to liven up the party. Including this one that revealed the new swim diapers.

What nobody told Beth is that "Pop Tart" was as ridiculously named as she thought. It was actually her tribute diaper, and shortly after the video above was posted, iLana hijacked the party Beth was running and posted this video revealing the REAL name.

Just a little while later, we prepared for Spring with the reveals of First Crush and Crazy Love. These Easter-themed tags might just be our favorite yet (although we say that just about each time there's a new tag). With another party and some AMAZING #applecheeksart entries (see the winners here) the AppleCheeks staff had a little mistake thanks to autocorrect and our texting habits.

As if that wasn't enough for this season, we also had a collaboration in the works with Itzy Ritzy! Unfortunately, the timing didn't work out quite as well as we had hoped, and we ended up releasing scarves right as Spring really truly showed up. BUT lucky for our fans, these gorgeous infinity scarves won't ever go out of style. And they are lightweight enough to wear whenever you feel like AppleCheeks-ing your outfit.


These scarves are great for everyday use... and our ambassadors and fans have found tons of other uses for them as well. Itzy Ritzy labels them as breastfeeding scarves as they are HUGE once untwisted and opened up - large enough to keep you and your baby covered, but light enough that neither of you get uncomfortable!


The fun isn't over yet! We have another party planned for next week where we'll be announcing some behind the scene changes.